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Aerial View

Aerial View
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FBA311 Donated by Jean Dean
I153 From the collection of James Farrar, donated by his son David.
Top: This view is of the Gill Lane area.
The Yeadon and Guiseley Gasworks dominates the middle of the scene with New Road (A65) running left to right below the gasworks.
Apperley Lane runs diagonally across the top left corner, in the bottom left corner is Sizers Hill.
The road to the right of Sizers Hill is Henshaw Lane, the old Church of England School is at the point of the triangle where Henshaw Lane and Gill Lane meet.
    In the bottom right corner are Dinsdale's Buildings, the Woolpack Inn is at the corner with New Road and Gill Lane (not clearly seen).
Crossing New Road, Gill Lane continues past the gasworks, Low Hall is on the right.
Bottom: The road running from the top left corner to the mid left side begins as the High Street then becomes Town Street (the Steep).
The loop of road in the upper mid section is Ivegate coming in from the High Street on the left then turning a straight line up to the top edge as Harper Lane. South View School is in the upper right corner, below is Brooklands Crescent/ Drive then the next road down is Henshaw Lane.
    In the lower half of the view are the old streets in the Well Hill, Abbey Lane and Howarth Lane areas.
In the bottom left corner is the Old Dog Mill.
From the collection of James Farrar donated by his son David
Comment from our facebook page 26th October 2015:-

Philip Walker Carlo,I was born in 1947 in Manor Square, at age 6 I was playing in the rubble of The Cricketers Arms on Ivegate, So that should indicate pre 1953 as the Cricketers is still up on this photo. At the bottom edge of the old Graveyard is a black hut attached to the wall, This was used by the Yeadon Branch of The Royal British Legion, who organized a coronation party which I attended, There was nothing in front of that Hut from the end of Harper Terrace to Ivegate and from the right hand side of the row of terrace houses to Harper Lane was just waste land. The other Major features are Wormalds Yard the Building Featured on your Calendar is still up and the houses behind it are still present,they were not there in my early fifties childhood. The other thing to remember is that Aerial photography would have been a novelty for the Yorkshire Aeroplane Club, which did not exist till the mid thirties. I can remember the Shuttle works standing empty with broken windows and the Houses Behind Willow Cottage on Abbey Lane, but yhe ones either side of Wells Hill (our Sledge Track) were gone. The long row of terraces backing on to Engine fields were present and the Council owned waste paper dump at the top of wells hill were still up early fifties.I would suggest mid to late thirties for this Photo.

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