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Search Tips For The Aireborough Historical Society Website

Search phrase

Comment - Finds pages containing

The words aireborough historical society or aireborough historical

Will find find aireborough historical society or aireborough historical

"aireborough historical

The exact phrase in that order note the " marks

cricket -guiseley

Will find pages with cricket but not guiseley
note the - minus sign before guiseley.

cricket +yeadon

+yeadon causes an emphasis on yeadon in the result


Emphasis is on glossaries, dictionaries, lists of terms, terminology the character before the word glossary is a Tilde hash Key plus shift ~tilde means "is similar to”


All search results for cricket yeadon and cricket yeadon i.e. all variations note the - between the two words

define: word

Definition of the word

Site: searches only one site so to search just the aireborough historical society site for references to Twitter use

Do not overlook sub-domains, such as forums - Google frequently serves up results from forums.

social clubs #..#

socialclubs #1890..1910# using the # and dates reduces the search to between the dates 1890 and 1910

business clubs Filetype:pdf

Would find pdf documents relating to business clubs

business clubs Filetype:ppt

Would find PowerPoint documents relating to business clubs

business clubs Filetype:xls

Would find Excel documents relating to business clubs

business clubs Filetype:doc

Would find Word documents relating to business clubs

book business clubs

Book related search

Brings up more google options which can be clicked upon

Pages related to aireborough historical society in terms of content


Allinanchor:business club The anchor text is the text which appears in the web link to business clubs

inanchor:business club

inanchor:business club a wider search term

allintext:business club

Must appear in the text on a page so a wider search than above

intext:business club

business club Intext:midlands

allintitle: business club

Allintitle: business club with this search term the two words business and clubs must appear in the title of the page

intitle: business club

Intitle: business club wider version of above

allinurl: business club

allinurl: business club business and clubs must appear in the name of the website.

inurl: business club

inurl: business club one of the words at least must appear in the name of the website

author: gerber author: business clubs

Will bring up sites referencing gerber and business clubs

Google can show you the following information for this URL:
Show Google's cache of
Find web pages that are similar to
Find web pages that link to
Find web pages from the site
Find web pages that contain the term ""

Initially it can appear that there is an unmanageable amount of data sitting in cyberspace but the above terms can narrow the data down to manageable proportions.




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AHS welcomes your comments and information please use the comments box on each page to add your memories, names, dates and locations.

Carlo Harrison

Archivist AHS