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Beetham, Fairy Steps 1900

Fairy Steps
Date c1900
Location Beetham, Cumbria
Photo ID
L89     Photographer E E Slater
A cleft in the steep rock face has steps cut into it, a man and a boy recline on the rocks while a girl stands on the rock behind them on the left. 
Women observe from above. 
The Image was taken onto a glass slide by E E Slater of Hopeville House, Yeadon.
facebook comments 2nd January 2016
Adrian Harper Fairy Steps, Beetham, Cumbria. Apparently, if you can walk up without touching the sides, the fairies will grant you a wish.
10 ·  20 hrs
Aireborough Historical Society

Carol Moran Guessing at Cragg Woods. Could be Arnscliffe Crags? Photographic equipment was heavy to carry around, and set up, so it wont be far away.

John Birchall What about the little boy on the right on the ledge then

Brian Firth There looks to be a few kids at the top as well. Possibly a school outing.

Christine Stewart Adrian - Fairy Steps makes sense as we know Slater stayed in the Lake District.

Carol Moran Crag Wood, Rawdon?-maybe?

Dale Bell Beetham cumbria
Jan Loreal Wilkinson Malham cove maybe?


Definitely Fairy Steps at Beetham, Cumbria. Search on Beetham Cumbria, and a picture confirms the location.
04 January 2016
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