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1914 - 1918 Aireborough Boys Part 04 - Johnson - White - Pilkington - Harper - Keighley - Harrison

Second-Lieut C.R.Harper Pte. F.S.KeighleyEvelyn Clifford Harrison
Aireborough Boys
Date 1914-1918
Location Aireborough
Photo ID
With extra information supplied by Ken Roberts.
Comment Top: Two Sons and Three Grandsons

Upper Middle: Pilkington, 5 Yeadon Brothers

Lower Middle:  HARPER, C R
Second Lieutenant
Date of Death: 15/07/1916
Age: 24
Regiment/Service: West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 6th Bn.
Grave Reference: I. B. 9.
Additional Information: Son of Charles Harper, of Burwood,Apperley Lane, Rawdon, Leeds.

1914-1918 Aireborough Boys

Bottom Two Photo's are:

Pte. F.S.Keighley.

Rank: Private
Service No: 22109
Date of Death: 24/04/1917
Regiment/Service: King's Own Scottish Borderers 7th/8th Bn.
Panel Reference Bay 6. Memorial ARRAS MEMORIAL.

Frederick Stanhope Keighley

Birth Place: Guiseley, Yorks
Residence: Leeds, Yorks
Death Date: 24 Apr 1917
Death Location: France & Flanders
Enlistment Location: Leeds, Yorks
Rank: Private
Regiment: King's Own Scottish Borderers
Battalion: 7/8th Battalion
Number: 22109
Type of Casualty: Killed in action

1914-1918 Aireborough Boys

Evelyn Clifford Harrison
Birth Place: Yeadon, Yorks
Death Date: 22 May 1916
Death Location: France & Flanders ...
Enlistment Location: Leeds
Rank: Private
Regiment: Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
Battalion: 15th Battalion
Number: 15/1415
Type of Casualty: Killed in action

I received an email yesterday from Adam Otway who is a History Teacher and lives in Yeadon.
Adam gave me some background information about Evelyn Harrison a Yeadon Soldier who was killed in the First World War ...when he was just 25 years old.
We don't need to be reminded I am sure about the carnage that took place in that war or the sheer lottery of fortune that was the difference between life and death, but reading into this short piece you cant help but wonder if a bit more training and experience may well have saved a few lives on this occasion.

Adam Otway here, I just asked you a question on Facebook about the Aireborough Boys 1914-18. I was just reading through your section on men from 1914-18 and found some information on how the above named soldier died.

On the night of the 22nd of May two platoons of the Leeds Pals were repairing wire in No Man's Land.
The Leeds Pals had only been in the front line trenches of the Western Front for just three days.
They were discovered by a German patrol and during a brief fight two men were killed and a further two fatally injured.
The Germans then attempted to get into the Pals trenches, at which point a Lieutenant Valentine Oland gathered together a bombing party, rallied the wiring party and counter attacked, driving the Germans into one of the battalion Lewis guns.
At about 10.30pm the German artillery opened up, raining shrapnel down on the Pals who were trying to rescue the wounded members of the wiring party.

This was the Pals first contact with the enemy on the Western Front, having seen precious little combat in Egypt and it ended with 15 dead, one of which was Evelyn Harrison who must have died either counter-attacking the Germans to defend the trench or from the resulting German bombardment.
Lieutenant Valentine won the Military Cross for rallying the troops by standing on the parapet but was later to die on 1st July.

Hope you find this useful/interesting.
Service No:15/1415
Date of Death:22/05/1916
Regiment/Service:West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
15th Bn.
Grave Reference: I. I. 115.
Additional Information: Son of Rosa Harrison, of 1 Back, Alma St., Yeadon, Leeds, and the late Mr. J. W. Harrison.


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