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Train Crash 1892

Esholt Train Crash 1892
Train Crash
Date 9th June 1892
Location Esholt Junction
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A305 & C193
Top: A locomotive belonging to the Midland Railway (number 179) can be seen lying on it's side after colliding with the rear of a passenger train at Esholt Junction.
This happened in the afternoon, the Leeds to Ilkley train (Midland 179) collided with the Ilkley to Bradford train and destroyed the rear six sections, overturning it's own engine and tender.
Two lines to Leeds and Bradford converge at the Junction, each line with it's own signals (on the left) .
The Leeds signal was hidden by foliage and the engine driver mistakenly thought the Bradford signal was for him and continued down the line instead of waiting and crashed into the Ilkley to Bradford train.
Five people were killed and many injured.

Bottom: An article which was published in the Wharfedale Observer.




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