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The Island 1904

The Island

The Island
Date 1904
Location Esholt
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This "Island was formed by the outfall of several becks, three cottages were built in the 18th Century and owned by the Esholt Estate.
In the bottom right corner is the City of Bradford Coat of Arms, the Estate was purchased in 1904 by Bradford from the Misses Crompton - Stansfield for £239,000.
It had been bought to build a sewage treatment plant, the Island was filled in and the cottages disappeared. Yorkshire water now administer the Estate, the Hall is used as offices and a conference centre.



The house at the front still stands,
Tuesday, July 09, 2013
Our 4 times great grandfather Thomas Cliff lived in one of these cottages as a gardener on the Esholt estate. His wife Mary and 10 children were also there (the children not all at once) and her parents, Isaac and Elizabeth Chadwick, lived at Waterloo Mill.
Friday, September 06, 2013
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